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The Detective and the Criminal "A Black Love Detective Story Book 5"

Antwan Floyd Sr.

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Book Description

In the fifth Black Love Detective novel, Black helps old-school gangster Pepper Red while juggling personal chaos and unexpected roles as a protector. Facing crooked politicians and the relentless Chicago police, Black gets entangled with Johnny and Joanne. In this high-stakes game, he balances being a criminal and a detective. Will he save those he cares about, or meet his demise? Book five explores a thin line where everyone has something to lose.

Book Review

Got the advance copy of "The Detective and the Criminal" and finally read it—regret not doing so sooner. Even without the previous book, I enjoyed the story. Planning to catch up for context. As usual in the Black Love series, the detective takes on cases to help others.


General Fiction, Mystery & Suspense

Reader Approved
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