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The Enemy Within

Michelle Rhnea Yisrael

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Book Description

This book tells the story of a survivor. One who beat the odds and broke free, before her abuser broke her.
Simchah is a strong woman. Although seasoned by time and worn down by life, she is a warrior who endured many wounds on the battlefield of life. This story picks up where most stories end. Simchah entrusts her young granddaughter, Zaharah, with her hard-learned life truths, in hopes Zaharah may learn from her mistakes. After reading her grandmother's journals, Zaharah sees her grandmother,

Book Review

Simchah's story is your story; your story is her story. My intent was also to read for only a few minutes and then prepare for bed. I absolutely could not put the book down. Thank you for such a compelling read,


Black Voices, Religion & Spirituality, Romance, Women's Voices, General Fiction

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