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The Journey of Faith - Part One

Liela Marie Fuller

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If you heard instruction from God, in your ear, what would you do? It's natural to question if what you heard was real, but what if soon after, your life starts to melt into a gumbo of stress to the point that you have no other choice but to take action. Move. That is the command that roared in Liela's ears one day like a lion in the jungle marking territory. With no preparation, she gathers the little she has and voyages on a quest of agonizing lows and miraculous highs that alter the trajector

Book Review

There' so much to say about this book but the real story is the message within the story. Liela takes you on a journey that will have you crying, cheering, relating, questioning everyone's decisions and ultimately bringing you face to face with your faith, specifically how much you truly trust God.


Black Voices, Religion & Spirituality

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