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The Legacy

Cecly Ann Mitchell

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Book Description

Rhys Le Noireau is a man out of place, trying to fit the jigsaw of his life together. When his mother Astral, is hospitalized in a coma, Rhys, a single successful architect, is tasked with setting her affairs in order.
What he finds when he unlocks an ancient family Bible hidden among his mother's treasured possessions, opens the portal to a life lived in another time and place.
A place that fits his soul and forces him to do the unthinkable, return to Scotland Bay.

Book Review

This Caribbean Historical Romance has me hooked!
The level of intimacy with the historical data, the realism and interplay between the characters all combine to make this book a very delightful read. Even if this genre isn’t your cup of tea, trust me it’s still worth a read.



Reader Approved
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