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The Pirouette

Patrice Wade Johnson

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Book Description

Once upon a time, Sarah Dixon was a promising ballerina. She traded her dreams for the fairytale that ended in divorce leaving her dizzy and without direction. On her journey to happily-ever-after Sarah discovers the strength to reckon with the regrets of her past so she can stop spinning and find balance. Steps of faith and grace take her from loss of focus to clear vision. The PIROUETTE is a story of inspiration, hope and determination.

Book Review

The Pirouette immerses you in the movements and steps of Sarah’s life dance amid disappointments, and regrets. Sarah embarks on an emotional journey that reawakens her resilient, creative self through faith in God, a loving cadre of family and friends and the power of forgiveness.


Women's Voices, Black Voices, General Fiction

Reader Approved
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