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The Road from Money

Sylvester Boyd Jr.

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Book Description

The Road from Money, a great American story, explores the life and times of a central character, born 1917 - Estella Clemens, whose journey begins in the cotton fields of the South; and who becomes a millionaire in the North.

Readers travel through time starting in 1927 thru Part 3 of the series ending in 1968. The author uses family stories woven together with the history, inventions and music of the eras -the Jim Crow South, civil rights struggles, wars, civil rights struggles.

Book Review

"The Road from Money is a simple, yet compelling book series, that keeps its readers' spellbound while reading about the main character, Estella Reynolds. I recommend you read this book series, be prepared to want to read the next book in the series. Each part has dynamic energy.


Black Voices, History, General Fiction, Black Writers Workspace ®

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