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Ties That Bind

G. G. Marcel

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Book Description

Ties That Bind is a captivating and well-crafted novel loaded with the right amounts of suspense, spicy romance, family historical legacy, and drama.
An interesting transatlantic element is quite apparent, with plots and characterizations based in the US, UK, and even Nigeria to some extent. And as the storyline becomes immersive and clear, readers may find it to be rather profound.

Book Review

This book is an excellent read! It is well written and very intriguing from the prologue at the very beginning and every page in between straight to the epilogue. I was captivated! All characters and scenes came to life and you can really understand the title once you read it all the way through!


General Fiction, Urban Fiction, Erotica, International, Romance, Reader Approved, Black Voices, Black Writers Workspace ®

Reader Approved
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