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To Live and Die in Amerikkka

Anthony Arnold

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Book Description

Winner of the 2015 National Poetry Award (Freedom Poet of the Year), Anthony Arnold is a poet that has always shed light on inequality and racism. He uses poetry to make the world understand the plight of black people. This is a necessary collection of poetry that shows love to the black community. Some pieces will make you weep with the sorrow of its reality, while others will make you full of pride and triumph. No matter what piece you read, just know that you will be moved

Book Review

Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2020
Poetry has evolved thru time and "To Live and Die in Amerikkka" definitely illustrates the power of the written word. The pain of a race, the division of a nation, and the sorrow that is felt daily is conveyed in this collection of work.



Reader Approved
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