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Trapped (The Trapped Series, Book 1)


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Book Description

Meet the girls: Naomi, Arnya (pronounced Ahn-yah), Stephanie, and Jasmine—four friends who meet during a dreaded group assignment in Freshman Assembly.

Join the krewe on this decade long ride through the early 2000s filled with girls’ trips, family drama, and uncovered secrets that will have you clutching your pearls in this spicy novel, New Orleans style.

Book Review

Trapped is a riveting coming-of-age women's fiction novel that shares the story of four women that meet in college and how their lives are intertwined as they grow up. There is some romance, some drama, and lots of self-discovery as each of the protagonists finds their own path in life.


Black Voices, Romance, Women's Voices, Erotica

Reader Approved
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