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What If: A lubricious collection of titillating fantasies driven by everyday possibilities

Ruby Wright

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LIFE, how uneventfully redundant. Work. Rear children. Repeat. But what if life didn't have to be a bland song on replay? What if that doctor's visit, or that business meeting were actual opportunities for you to live out your wildest sexual fantasies? What if? In this opus of pleasure, you'll discover a plethora of scenarios described in juicy detail that people can only dream about. Hedonism is the theme and erogenous skies are the limit. You'll never look at your mailman the same after this.

Book Review

"This is some crazy Instant smut right out of the gate !!!!!! 100% recommend if smut is what your looking for."


Black Voices, General Fiction, LGBTQIA Voices, Male Voices, Romance, Urban Fiction, Women's Voices, Erotica, Reader Approved

Reader Approved
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