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Zora, the Story Keeper

Ebony Joy Wilkins (Writer) Dare Coulter (Illustrator)

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Book Description

A young Black girl and her aunt celebrate the wonder and magic of their family’s legacy through storytelling.

When Zora grows up, she wants to be just like Aunt Bea. Aunt Bea is the best storyteller she knows! Every day after school, Zora heads to her aunt’s house, where they take out their family book and turn Aunt Bea’s kitchen into their stage. They raid Aunt Bea’s costume chest, filled with colorful garments from her acting days, and even do special voices to te

Book Review

"Zora, the Story Keeper just arrived. Read it immediately...and cried. Aint ashamed to say it. It is beautiful. So proud of you." David W.


Black Voices, Children's Books

Reader Approved
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