Creating a conducive environment for writing and reading

Updated: Oct 13

Effective writing and reading is a product of many factors, and a conducive environment is one of them. Creating and consuming content is commonly tedious, and it demands concentration and undivided attention. Writers and readers will agree that a noisy, clumsy or dull environment makes it difficult to focus or think accurately.

This affects productivity, and you end up lagging in your goals. Often times, writers and readers get stuck, procrastinate, or dump their goals

altogether. This may be due to a lot of factors, but the most popular is working from a disheartening environment. Where you work from matters, as it ultimately impacts

your drive and output. Let’s see the benefits of working from a conducive


Why is it important to create a conducive environment when writing or reading?

1. you become motivated to write and read

2. it helps you achieve your goals

3. it enhances your performance and productivity

4. it enables you to focus and think accurately

5. it may improve your speed, allowing you to beat your targets

What is a conducive environment?

A conducive environment is free of distractions, and is the best place to write and read from, and perform optimally. It allows you to write and read efficiently, and produce anticipated results. Commonly, writers and readers, even editors, perform

better in a quiet and peaceful place. This is why libraries are quiet, and the only sound you may hear is that of books, and rarely a sneeze or a whisper. Working with content demands attention and focus in order to consume what you are reading

correctly, and also to ponder properly what you are about to write. A conducive environment is commonly:

  • quiet,

  • refreshing,

  • away from the crowd,

  • clean,

  • bright or colorful, and

  • serene.

How do I create a conducive environment?

An ideal place for one writer or reader may not be so idyllic for the other. Creating a conducive environment depends on a number of factors. The first thing to note is the kind of content you want to read, or write. For example, magazines are for leisure

and entertainment, and can be read almost anywhere. But academic works are of a serious nature, and you need to be in a serene place in order to focus and think precisely.

Another factor to consider is the kind of writer or reader that you are. Some are introverts, and perform better when they are alone and/or indoors; yet others are extroverts, and can work well when they are surrounded by people. This reminds me of how talkative my sister is each time she has tonsils. When I ask her how she is

able to talk that much in her condition, she says that if she keeps quiet, the

inflammation becomes worse. Sounds funny, right? But I later realized that she may have found some ‘cure’ of some sort to the inflammation.

Similarly, a conducive environment differs among individuals, depending on what they like and what they

do not. While an ideal place to work from may have some similarities, know what you want, what you enjoy, and how you perform under different circumstances. This will go a long way in ensuring that you become productive and achieve your goals.

Commonly, working from a cluttered place may cause mental fatigue and you may dread even being in the room. Clean your room, get rid of anything you may not need from your table, and ensure that there is enough ventilation and light to motivate you to write or read that book. If you love some bit of color, play around with the painting or décor and add some color.


Writing and reading take time, and they are an investment worth taking. But to be productive, you need to work from a place that is going to enhance your productivity.

A conducive environment to write or read is not a one-size fits-all scenario. After considering the factors discussed above, think it through and make sure that you do what works for you, as long as it gets the work done to the dot. After all, you are the mastermind of your work, so invest in that space and see yourself achieving those


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