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Motivation is Key

By Renea Linsom @ReneaGodsgirl

One thing I love about life is not only do you learn so much but in learning there are two lanes, motivation and lessons. Little did I understand as a young girl growing up that both play a part in life.

In the world of psychology, I was taught Nature vs. Nurture which is why we are the way we are. Do we learn from our parents, or does society play a role? I've always thought it was both. In my life, I feel like writing is a learned behavior since both my parents wrote in some way.

What motivates me is that I have a desire to inspire you. This means I want to use the things that I have learned and want you to use them to do better than me. What is Motivation?

Motivation is the desire to act in service of a goal. In terms of writing, it's wanting to inspire a change. My life has set the stage for me to be here writing to you. What is something that you have been through that you feel is the motivation for you to make it and for someone else to make it out of their storm?

I am the only child of a singer and musician. I learned at an early age that life wasn't perfect. When my parents split up, it became mommy and me against the world. I was able to be a kid still, but the hole of not having my dad in my life would shake my world forever. I found that the thoughts I had regarding my father would grow as I got older.

I was forced to deal with abandonment, feelings of worthlessness, and anger because of the hole in my heart. When you don't deal with various issues, it can deal with you. I'm not a perfect person, but I'm continuing to acknowledge my truth.

I always wanted to be a writer, but throughout life I realized it became less about me and more about being a light to others. No one has a perfect life, I can be the first to admit, but in adversity, you learn so much about yourself and what you are made of.

The quote "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" is such a huge motivation for me since it lets me know that even though I've been through things that have hurt me, it's made me stronger. Someone can use what happened to me as motivation that they will ascend and do better than me.

That's what life is really about, my mom did her best, but it's my turn to go higher than she did. Every generation should get better; I want you to walk in your truth, which I didn't do until later. If there is a word I hope motivates you is to push. Don't accept things as they are; push for what you want and know that you deserve it.

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